Jul 19/12
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The Latest Tool - Bus Status App

Box Clever Education is pleased to announce a brand new tool designed to keep the flow of information simple, easy, and pertinent - the Bus Status App!

Website traffic has been proven to increase dramatically during abnormal weather (at least 200%), so we know that parents and students are looking for bus statuses. But what about mechanical failures, traffic, flat tires, all the events we can’t predict? While some parents may be lucky enough to check a school’s website for this information, the majority of affected individuals will either be left in the dark, or it will be up to staff to inform families of the delay. 

The new Bus Status App alleviates this issue by providing information to parents and students as it is updated. Push notifications for favourite buses are sent directly to the user’s phone, notifying them of any changes in status. Updates are handled through the transportation section of WebGuide, which means no additional work for schools! Information already kept current by administrators is sent automatically to anyone with the Bus Status App, making everyone’s lives just that much simpler. 

The Bus Status App is built for iPhone and is available for download from the App Store once activated by the school division.

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