Sep 10/12
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Elk Island Public Schools Goes Mobile

Elk Island Public Schools' Website is now Mobile Friendly

Elk Island Public Schools' website,, has a great new feature - responsive design! Responsive design means that the website determines what size your browser window is and displays the website in the best fit for your device. Check it out on your iPhone or iPad!

The responsive design allows visitors to access the website quickly and easily on the go. Information is easily accessible despite smaller resolutions, and the navigation becomes simplified and streamlined for mobile devices. Overall the effect is that the site is just as easy to use from a desktop as it is from your iPhone, all while keeping the look and feel of the Elk Island Public Schools brand intact.

EIPS made this decision based on some serious numbers - a 415% overall increase in mobile traffic to their website over 2 years - definitely time to go mobile!

inclement weather school district graph

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