Jun 27/17
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7 New Features in WebGuide for Schools!

One of the biggest advantages of our WebGuide for Schools CMS is that our clients are always live on the newest version of the system. Whenever we roll out a great new feature it’s immediately available to every one of our clients. 

This week we launched seven new features that schools and school districts can start using right away! Our WebGuide for Schools clients received a detailed overview of the new features yesterday afternoon. To learn about this week's updates and all the awesome features in WebGuide for Schools, contact us for a demo today!

WebGuide for Schools is the powerful, simple CMS behind all of our school and school district websites. With a feature set tailored specifically to the online needs of schools and school districts, WebGuide for Schools allows even non-technical users to publish news, documents, photos, and videos online easily and instantly. 


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