Apr 12/12
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A New Website for Frank Maddock High School!

We’re excited to share that Frank Maddock High School has launched their new school website! It took only two weeks to create and launch this new school website, and the staff at Frank Maddock have already been adding lots of content to the site.

When you visit https://fmhigh.wrsd.ca/, the first thing you’ll notice is the new, updated website design. Frank Maddock is a school that keeps current with technology, and now their website design reflects it!

Along with the new look, the website is now easier for families, students and staff to navigate. This means that website visitors will easily be able to find the information they need. Since Frank Maddock is using WebGuide to manage their school website, it’s now a snap for school staff to post information online. Frank Maddock is excited that they can now quickly and easily share their latest newsletters via the web!

The new event calendar makes it easy to keep everyone in the loop about school events, and is simple to update. Families, students and teachers who have Google accounts can copy Frank Maddock events into their own calendars! You might also notice the photo galleries that show students in action and infuse this website with school spirit!

Teachers at Frank Maddock will now able to blog on the website and post homework assignments on their personal eTeacher pages. Our apologies to Frank Maddock students - you can no longer blame forgotten assignments on the dog’s appetite...

Here at Box Clever Education, we are most looking forward to keeping up-to-date on Frank Maddock’s Athletic teams - the Warriors and the Amazons. You can now find personalized team schedules, photo galleries, team rosters and the season’s score - all online at https://fmhigh.wrsd.ca/!

What do you think about the new Frank Maddock High School website?

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