Aug 19/16
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Back to School Website Tips

The Parents are Coming!

A new school year is fast approaching and parents are busy preparing. They’ve got school supplies to buy, schedules to arrange and new daily routines to plan. Your website is often their first stop for back-to-school information — but is it ready for them? 

Get Ready! 

Just like your students, your website has enjoyed a restful summer break. Traffic takes a nose dive from June 30th until mid-August. Traffic starts to increase between August 18 to 20, and then spikes the last week of the month.

Over the past week, Box Clever has already seen a 33% increase in traffic to school websites compared to the previous week.

Top 3 Searches

What are visitors looking for in August?

  1. School Supply Lists
  2. Calendars
  3. Bussing Information

​Armed with this insight, you can now ensure that your homepage has the information that visitors are looking for front and centre. Your homepage is a great spot to put those 3 links!

Some Quick Tips

  1. Remember to take down your "Have a great summer!" message and put up your "Welcome Back!" information.
  2. News to share? Use your School News Blog!
  3. Keep your home page articles brief - just a quick sentence with a link to more information is the best way to keep your home page easy to read.

Have a great school year!

- The Box Clever Team

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