Jun 26/17
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Check out Northland School Division's Updated Website!

Congratulations to Northland School Division on the launch of their refreshed division website! A large school district in Northern Alberta, Northland is deeply connected to First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) cultures, with 95% of their student population identifying as FNMI. When Box Clever was selected in 2013 to build Northland's division and school websites, it meant our team had to have an in-depth understanding of the culture and values that define the FNMI population in Alberta. We are very proud of the Northland website, which perfectly blends tradition and technology into one fantastic design. In 2015 Northland’s site was awarded the Interactive Media Awards (IMA) Best in Class Award in the school website category, and earlier this year we continued our great partnership by launching an updated and refreshed division site!

Take a look!

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