Aug 1/18
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It's Back to School Time for Your Website!

The parents are coming! All those visitors searching for Back to School information make August the busiest time of year for school websites. Your website is the first stop for parents and students planning their new daily routines, looking up important dates and shopping for school supplies.  

Average website visitors per day

What are school website visitors looking for?

The top three searches in August on school websites are: 

  1. School Supply Lists

  2. Calendars

  3. Busing Information

Make sure your website includes detailed busing info and forms, an up-to-date calendar and a school supplies list for each grade. Put a prominent link to each of those items on your homepage.  

Get your school website ready!

We've got you covered with our handy Back to School website checklist. Make sure your website has everything parents need to prepare for the new school year!

Get the Checklist!

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