Nov 16/17
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Connect to Parents with SchoolGuide, Our New App for School Districts

Introducing the SchoolGuide app, a powerful communication tool that sends school reminders, news, events, emergency notifications and more to the phones of parents and students. 

SchoolGuide gives schools and school districts a direct line to parents. Whether it's a simple reminder about tomorrow’s field trip or a real emergency, SchoolGuide is the fastest, most efficient way to get the message to the people who need it most. Best of all, parents don’t need to actively check their email or voicemail, they get a push notification on their mobile phones as soon as the message is sent.

SchoolGuide also features a customizable news feed and calendar, and the detailed in-app directory means school offices, websites, maps, and social media are just a tap away. 

SchoolGuide is available on the App Store and Google Play. Request a demo to see how SchoolGuide can help your school district!

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