May 2/17
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See the Bus Status App at ASTAC 2017!

Bus Status makes it easy for parents and students to check bus delays and cancellations without putting additional pressure on administrators. Bus updates entered into the Bus Status system push out automatically to the school division site, school websites, and the Bus Status App on parents' phones.

Box Clever Education is excited to be attending the Annual ASTAC Convention in Jasper May 2 and 3. Stop by our booth for a Bus Status demo!

Reduce Administrative Load During Bad Weather 

When parents and students look for bus status updates during inclement weather, school division website traffic increases from 200% to  6000%, not to mention all those phone calls to school and division offices! The Bus Status system is proven to greatly reduce the load on transportation administrators during weather events. When parents receive instant bus updates by push notification to their phones, there is no need to pick up the phone and call your office!

see the bus status app at astac

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