Jun 26/17
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Top Ten School Districts on Social Media in the USA

There are so many school districts in America doing an awesome job with their social media every day.

You’re proud of your students and their accomplishments. You post memories of graduation ceremonies, football games, academic achievements, and more. Sharing these moments with your online community is important.

Here at Box Clever Education, we know how much time and effort goes into curating content and creating a presence on social media. To have an effective communication strategy, you need to post consistently, have genuine conversations with your followers, and provide valuable and informative content. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. Many school districts in the USA are doing awesome things on social media, and we want to recognize them for that!

With over 13,500 school districts in the United States, naturally we may have missed a few that are doing great things on social media. If your school district was missed, comment here and let us know!

Here are the Top Ten School Districts on Social Media in the USA, sorted from east to west.

Union County Public Schools in Monroe, North Carolina

Union County Public Schools has an impressive following with over 27,000 followers between Facebook and Twitter, and for good reason. Their social media is full of interesting and engaging content that is highly relevant to their community of followers.

Union County Public Schools did a fantastic job of encouraging engagement on their Facebook page during their graduation ceremonies by providing a cardboard cutout of a Facebook post for students to pose with.

You can follow Union County Public Schools on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Union County Public Schools Social Media


Kettering City School District in Kettering, Ohio

Kettering City School District has a very active Facebook account, where they share valuable news and information with their over 4,800 followers. We especially love how they have shared photos of their school renovations over the summer and thanked the community for their patience while the roof was being replaced. Using Facebook to communicate with your neighbours is a great way to use social media tools.

They are doing things a bit differently on Twitter, in that they’ve created a separate account to showcase their renowned music education program. You can also follow them on their school district Twitter account. 

Kettering City Schools Social Media

Grand Rapids Public Schools in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Social media is great for raising awareness of local events and fundraisers. Grand Rapids Public Schools has used this to their advantage to generate awareness for raising funds to build a new playground in their community. They also share fun tidbits and proud student moments with their combined 11,000+ followers.

It is important to post interesting content consistently, and Grand Rapid Public Schools does just that by posting approximately seven times per week. You can can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Grand Rapid Public Schools Social Media


McLean County Unit District No. 5 in Normal, Illinois

McLean County Unit District No.5 in Illinois is utilizing four social media platforms to communicate information to their staff, students, and parents: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Their Pinterest account activity is by far our favourite, as they use it to share student and parent resources, such as summer reading lists sorted by grade.

They are also one of the few school districts that we found that is using Instagram to share engaging photos on a regular basis. Their combined 9,000+ followers are able to find the information they are looking for on any of their favourite social media platforms.

McLean County Unit District No 5 Social Media 


Francis Howell School District in St. Charles, Missouri

Francis Howell School District has an impressive combined following of over 19,000 for good reason: they share lots of high quality video content across three platforms. Check out their YouTube page, where you can find a fun video of FHSD’s high school students competing in the 2017 FIRST Robotic World Competition.

Francis Howell also does a great job of posting consistently, with approximately nine posts per week. They are sharing news and community related information, such as job postings. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter in addition to YouTube.

Francis Howell School District Social Media


Wylie Independent School District in Wylie, Texas

Wylie Independent School District is fully embracing technology in their quest to keep their 15,000+ followers informed. They utilize Facebook and Twitter on a consistent basis to keep their community updated with recent district and school news, and their YouTube is full of great quality videos. Wylie ISD’s social media presence speaks to each member of their audience, including their staff, students, and community. Knowing your audience is an important part of being effect on social media, and Wylie ISD does it well.

Our favourite moments from Wylie ISD’s social media include the photos of their summer renovations and the proud moments they share of their students, such as the Skills USA Extemporaneous Speaking competition and their commencement ceremonies.

Wylie ISD Social Media


Eagle County Schools in Eagle, Colorado

Eagle County Schools uses their social media as a way to distribute content from various sources. They are often retweeting teachers and community members, which is important because they are keeping the social in social media. They also share their own Daily Feed, which is a daily online newspaper with relevant content.

They also use LinkedIn as a way to connect their staff and faculty, with 385 people currently listed as employees of Eagle County Schools. They post often and their messaging is consistent, which is key to a good social media presence.

You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Eagle County Schools Social Media 

Peoria Unified School District in Glendale, Arizona

Peoria Unified School District is doing it all on social media, and doing it well. They are active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest! They have 1,390 people listed as employees on LinkedIn, and a combined 8000+ followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Peoria Unified School District uses social media as a way to share news about events and community information, and they do so using high quality images with school district branding. This consistency and branding are important factors of social media best practice. Furthermore, they use all of their platforms effectively, from great video content on YouTube, to using the Events feature on Facebook, to providing up-to-date information on Twitter. Great job!

Peoria Unified School District Social Media


Olympia School District in Olympia, Washington

Olympia School District stood out to Box Clever because of their eye-catching images. These images are perfect for grabbing attention in busy social media platforms.

Olympia shares photos of fun student-related events, such as class projects and the groundbreaking for a new building. They post regularly, and often use photos with people as their subjects. You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

If you would like to know more about producing high quality images of your own, check out our blog post on the topic.

Olympia School District Social Media


Sweetwater Union High School District in Chula Vista, California

The first thing that stood out about Sweetwater Union High School district is the cover photo they have used on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. It is an image of all of their mascots together; what a fun way to represent all of the high schools on their social media!

Sweetwater Union High School District shares excellent photos on Instagram with consistent filtering and hashtags. They also share lots of engaging video content on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, with a great mix of original content and shared content from relevant online sources and community members.

Sweetwater Union High School District  Social Media


If your school district is looking to make improvements to your social media, check out our previous blog posts on how to engage your target audience and how to produce high quality images for Facebook.

If you are interested to know what Canadian school districts are doing, check out our post here.

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Tracey Mancini said on July 12, 2017

Hello- I am the Social Media Specialist with Williamsville CSD, a suburb of Buffalo, NY. Thank you for sharing these great ideas. It's nice to see what other districts are doing around the country. If you get a chance, we would love for you to check out our district's pages on Facebook (@WCSDK12), Twitter (@WCSD_K12) and YouTube (Williamsville Central School District). As the largest suburban district in Western New York, we have 13 schools and nearly 10k students in our district and place at the top of local rankings. In addition to our district pages, many of our individual schools have their own Twitter accounts, as well as our Arts, Athletics, and Community Education programs, our Planetarium, and our Superintendent. Thank you again for sharing this list! Tracey Mancini

Guadalupe Estrada said on July 20, 2017

Im so proud of my Sweetwater union high school district. And of my superintendent Dr. Karen Janney

Armando Arrastia said on August 10, 2017

Check out our FB and Twitter, both @OneTeamFCS... We use both constantly to communicate about everything: school events, summer construction, new school construction, free meals both in school and during the summer. We also use FB Live regularly to allow our superintendent to answer questions live so our constituents don't have to leave home for such interaction. It works great and is a really convenient way for parents to ask the supt questions directly. Also use FB Live during events to highlight all that's going on. We supplement our FB with tweets containing photos.