Apr 4/17
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Welcoming Our Newest Bus Status Client!

Chatham-Kent Lambton Administrative School Services (CLASS)
is the first school transportation consortium in Ontario to sign on to the Bus Status system. CLASS launched their Bus Status apps two weeks ago and are already getting a lot of great press!

CLASS moves 17,000 students to over 90 schools across 2 districts in Southwestern Ontario every school day. With the Bus Status apps for iOS and Android, parents in CLASS's districts know instantly when their children’s buses are canceled or delayed.

CLASS is the first Bus Status client to use our brand new Bus Contractor feature. CLASS contracts student transportation out to 10 different private busing companies. With the new feature, CLASS can setup staff at each of the 10 busing companies as Bus Contractors in the Bus Status system. A Bus Contractor can login to Bus Status and update the status and details of the buses they operate. They do not see buses operated by other companies and cannot edit any other settings. The Bus Contractor feature improves workflow and gets Bus Status updates into the hands of parents faster!

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