Create a Connected School District

Reaching parents can be simple and effective if you have the right tools.

Box Clever Education can help you streamline the communication from your school district to parents. 

With our turnkey solutions, your school district communications administrators can push content out to app users across the entire district in one step.

Our school district apps have been designed to provide direct, seamless communication to parents, from your district and schools.

  • Consistency in District Communications
  • Minimal Effort From Administrators
  • iOS and Android Downloads Free for Parents
  • Reach Parents with Push Notifications Relating to their Favourited Content

K-12 School Apps

Our school apps have been created specifically for K-12 districts. Apps are an excellent way to allow your schools to show their brand and efficiently connect with parents and guardians!

As part of Box Clever Education's Digital Communications Suite of products, we offer our Bus Status App and our School Guide App – both are fully integrated apps that are easy-to-use and managed through our content management system (CMS) WebGuide for Schools!

Our school apps seamlessly place important messaging and other tools conveniently into the devices of those who matter most.

Bus Status App

In the event of inclement weather or unpredictable delays, such as mechanical failures, send parents push notifications on their favourited bus routes to keep them in-the-loop!

Learn More About The Bus Status App

SchoolGuide App

The SchoolGuide App brings parents and students all the latest news, reminders, events and emergency notices from their local school and school district.

Learn More About The SchoolGuide App

Available for iOS and Android

We have years of experience developing apps that are super convenient to manage. With these iOS and Android apps, you will be able to offer valuable content and features to your audience.

Integrated with Our School CMS

Our School apps are tied into our content management system, WebGuide for Schools, where you are provided with an app centre for managing your data, push notifications, and content. Managing content can be time-consuming, especially if you are doing it on your website and app. To save administrative time, we automate processes between your website and app to pull content such as blog postings and event listings directly to the app without you having to manage your content in two areas.