Your School Intranet Solution

StaffConnect is our intranet software built specifically for school divisions. It’s the easiest, most efficient way to increase information sharing and create a sense of community within your school division.

Accessible and Easy-to-Use

Unlike other intranets, StaffConnect was created with feedback from those in education. All staff, even those without technical experience, can use StaffConnect to easily find and share resources, and with training and setup included getting started is a snap.

StaffConnect is ideal for helping divisions that are spread out geographically, to create a sense of community amongst staff and between schools and the division. Best of all, staff can conveniently access StaffConnect anytime from anywhere, even on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. 

Dr. Terry Pearson, Superintendent
"We believe that StaffConnect will enhance the communication between and amongst our staff, and facilitate the sharing of resources that all staff have indicated will help them in their daily work. The StaffConnect team was outstanding. Their design and roll out of the project was excellent; we could not have asked for better service and support."
— Dr. Terry Pearson, Superintendent Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools

Teaching Resources

The Teacher Resources section allows teachers to upload and share worksheets, quizzes, tests, and more. Each Resource is filed by program and course, which makes searching for documents fast and easy. Teachers can also ‘Favourite’ documents, comment on resources, and search to find resources contributed by others.

Division Documents

Easily access the most up-to-date division documents. Staff can use the searchable database to find exactly what they need, all in one central repository. This reduces phone calls, emails, faxes, and time spent trying to find the newest versions of documents and forms.

Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedures are constantly being tweaked and updated.

StaffConnect offers an easy way to keep your APs up to date without the hassle of sending emails back and forth. StaffConnect has been built to help organize your administrative procedures in a way that is easy to search. Our version control capability keeps a history of changes made, just in case you need to look back at or go back to using a previous version. 


Printed contact lists get out of date - fast! StaffConnect allows you to list individuals, schools, and departments in one centralized location. Contact lists are easy to update, always current, and available anywhere through a web browser.


StaffConnect features a dynamic News section that informs your staff about the most recent happenings within the division, and keeps all previous News postings for easy reading, anytime.


The perfect place for administration and other staff members to securely post and share their thoughts, ask for feedback, receive comments, and build an open office community.


A simple Events listing keeps staff informed about upcoming events and division functions.

Bulletin Board

Being able to sell your old pool table to someone at work is great, but sending out mass emails to the entire district, not so much! The Bulletin Board is a place for staff to list items they're selling or items they're looking for. Postings are automatically removed after a set time period so you don't have to worry about clearing out old ads.

Photo Galleries

Everyone had a great time bowling for team bonding last week, but how do you share the photos? StaffConnect provides the perfect place to share all the photos from staff events in a secure, password-protected area where only your staff is able to view them.