Battle River School Division

We launched 24 websites and our Intranet solution, StaffConnect, for Battle River School Division in 2019.
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In early 2019 we launched new websites for Battle River School Division, a division of 23 schools and 10 colony schools across a large rural area in Eastern Alberta. In addition to its division and school websites, BRSD can create unlimited Microsites for teachers, clubs, sports teams, committees and more with our easy-to-use WebGuide for Schools content management system!  

StaffConnect Intranet Solution

We also launched Battle River's new Intranet solution, StaffConnect. Built specifically for school divisions, StaffConnect is the easiest, most efficient way to increase information sharing and create a sense of community within a school division.

StaffConnect helps BRSD share news, documents, teaching resources, contact lists and more with staff working at many different locations all across the division.