Fort Vermilion School Division

We moved Fort Vermilion School Division and its 17 school websites from the Sharepoint platform to our WebGuide for Schools CMS.
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About FVSD

Fort Vermilion School Division (FVSD) is a district of 17 schools in Northern Alberta. FVSD previously used Sharepoint to manage website content, which made day-to-day website updates difficult for school webmasters. Now on our WebGuide for Schools content management system, it's easier than ever for schools to keep their communities informed about the latest school news and upcoming events.

FVSD also implemented our Bus Status app for iOS and Android across the division. With Bus Status, FVSD's transportation department only needs to update the status of a delayed or cancelled school bus once, and the update is automatically pushed out to the app on parents phones, the division website, school websites and social media. Best of all, the division does not need to maintain parent contact lists or invest in an expensive bus GPS system in order to keep parents notified. The updates entered in WebGuide for Schools go instantly to app users' phones with a push notification.