Foundations for the Future Charter Academy

FFCA, a charter school in Calgary, Alberta, selected WebGuide for Schools CMS to power its main website plus sites for its 7 campuses.
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About FFCA

FFCA is a charter academy in Calgary, Alberta. With students ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 12 at seven campuses across the city, FFCA required a website system that would allow each campus to share it's own programs, news and events with it's parents and students while maintaining a unified look, feel, and brand across all sites. 

FFCA's main website includes a Twitter feed on the homepage that pulls in tweets from each of FFCA's campuses, as a way of showcasing all the exciting things happening at different locations within the academy.

As part of the design process we organized a photo shoot on location at FFCA campuses. The high quality photos of students enjoying life at FFCA were then used on the central website and each of the campus sites. To ensure all of FFCA's websites reflected the academy's unique brand, we designed a series of websites for the campuses that maintain the branding and the great photography of the central site.  

We integrated our Human Resources system with FFCA's main website, which allows the academy to quickly post jobs, accept applications, sort applicants and remove job postings once they are filled. Employees and applicants are able to create their own accounts and update their information as it changes. Moving the entire hiring process online has made life easier for job applicants and FFCA's hiring managers alike!