Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools

GSACSD switched from Joomla to WebGuide for their school division and 19 schools.
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To kick off the 2014 school year, Box Clever worked with Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools to refresh their division website, along with all of their school sites. Since the move from Joomla, the division office no longer has to make the time to manage and update sites across the division. All sites are now on Box Clever’s WebGuide for Schools CMS where staff are able to edit school websites on their own.

The division site was designed to better organize the wealth of information presented, with particular attention to their home page. In 2016 we refreshed the division website's design to keep the bright, cheery and open look that their previous site had with some new and exciting upgrades.

When designing this site, we wanted to help visitors find the information they need as easily as possible. The GSACRD homepage was designed to give the visitor easy access to the most frequently searched-for sections of the website, such as recent news and program offerings. A new video loop entices the visitor to learn more about Catholic education. For those looking for additional information, there is a large drop down navigation menu that provides an overview of every section of the website. 

Overall the site refresh has been a big hit with both administrators and users. A modern and fresh look for a school division that shares the same qualities.

When it comes to school website design, straight-forward navigation is key. Schools need to communicate with parents and students as efficiently as possible. At Box Clever Education, we created a custom content management system (CMS) called WebGuide for Schools that creates consistency across all websites in the district. Each school is on the same CMS, each website has the same features and tools, and they are all branded as part of Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools. This consistent layout and feel ensures that all visitors are able to get the information they need quickly and easily.


Admin time is significantly reduced thanks to our simple-to-use system and effective setup and training. A half-day training session for staff is typically all the time schools need to create websites that are fully-populated and ready to launch! The system is so easy to understand that the designated staff members trained by our team at Box Clever are able to return to their schools and provide training to the rest of the school's staff. WebGuide for Schools also allows staff members to have access to multiple school sites, along with access at the district level.


Each school can choose from a selection of modern website themes designed by our team of professional web designers, and can further customize their site by choosing their colours, layout, and more. If a school is looking for a fresh, new look it’s as easy as logging into WebGuide and selecting a new website theme - all content is automatically switched over to the new theme without any additional work.  A website refresh has never been so easy!