Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools

WRPS switched from a variety of platforms to WebGuide and integrated StaffConnect for their school division and 22 schools.
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About the Client

Since 2008 Box Clever Education has worked with Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools (WRPS) to provide websites for all schools in the division, the central division website, the StaffConnect system for internal communication, and the Bus Status school bus notification system.  WRPS is geographically spread out over 9 different communities and is a dynamic division of 15 schools, 2 off campus programs, and an early education and family wellness centre.

Saving Time with District Integration

Developing time-saving features for administration means automating as many procedures as possible.  WRPS has reduced time needed to update its websites by integrating school sites with the division site. This allows WRPS central office staff to manage each school’s website by logging in once to our content management system, WebGuide for Schools. That saves a lot of time, with just one password to remember!

Some time-saving features include the ability to push emergency notices, bus status alerts, news posts and important documents to every school website from the central site.

Bus Status alerts inform families and staff about delayed or cancelled school buses. Transportation administrators update the status of a bus once, and the update automatically pushes out to the division website, schools sites, social media and the Bus Status app on parent's iOS and Android devices. Bus statuses can be updated from anywhere, so staff don't have to be in the office to send those early morning updates during bad weather!

Integrated emergency notices help streamline WRPS' communication processes during emergency situations. Division webmasters can instantly broadcast an emergency notice to every page on every school website. Division staff can send the emergency notice to all schools at once, or pick and choose which schools receive the notice in the case of localized emergency situations. This feature is ideal in the case of an amber alert or other community emergency, where school websites are a powerful tool for getting the word out.   

Every school website now has synchronized calendars and access to a consistent inventory of WRPS division documents. When division staff upload a public document to the division site, they can select to have it appear automatically on every school site. This simplifies workflow and keeps WRPS' school websites current and reliable for visitors.

School Websites

When WRPS first partnered with Box Clever Education, the division needed school websites that were functional for visitors and very easy for non-technical staff to manage. Staff in all WRPS schools can now easily update their websites with just a few clicks of the mouse. Each school is individual in brand and school spirit, so we created a selection of website design themes for schools to choose from. Schools can select a new theme at any time, refreshing the look and feel of the site, without having to move or change any of the current content!

When it comes to school website design, straight-forward navigation is key. Schools need to communicate with parents and students as efficiently as possible. At Box Clever Education, we created a custom content management system (CMS) called WebGuide for Schools that creates consistency across all websites in the district. Each school is on the same CMS, each website has the same features and tools, and they are all branded as part of Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools. This consistent layout and feel ensures that all visitors are able to get the information they need quickly and easily.

Admin time is significantly reduced thanks to our simple-to-use system and effective setup and training. A half-day training session for staff is typically all the time schools need to create websites that are fully-populated and ready to launch! The system is so easy to understand that the designated staff members trained by our team at Box Clever are able to return to their schools and provide training to the rest of the school's staff!