Wolf Creek Public Schools

Wolf Creek chose WebGuide for Schools to power websites for the division and 25 schools, switching from the Breeze for Teachers platform.
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About Wolf Creek

Box Clever Education teamed with Wolf Creek Public Schools to develop brand new websites for their central office and 25 schools across the division. After many years using the Breeze for Teachers platform, Wolf Creek decided to switch to our easy-to-use WebGuide for Schools CMS to make day-to-day website management as simple as possible for school users.

We trained webmasters at all 25 schools in a single day! An additional half-day was all it took to show district office administrators just how easy it is to keep the central website up-to-date with WebGuide. 


We collaborated with the Wolf Creek team to build a modern, user-friendly division website that is enjoyable to use and easy to navigate. Dynamic features like homepage enticers (pictured above) allow Wolf Creek to link to the most important or timely information from a prominent place on the homepage. The school sites feature a similar design theme so school website visitors always see the connection to Wolf Creek Public Schools.


Homepage enticers include a prominent link to Bus Status listings. Visitors can see at a glance if any school buses are delayed or cancelled, and can follow the link to detailed busing information. Transportation administrators only need to update the status of a bus once in Webguide and it displays automatically on the division homepage, division Bus Status page, and all the school websites.     


The division App Launcher makes the Wolf Creek website the jumping-off point to all of the most commonly used apps and online services for the division community. The school websites feature an app launcher in the header with links to all of the same services. 


It was important to Wolf Creek that their website contribute to a sense of openness and transparency between the division and the community. We helped them create easy to use profile pages and contact forms for each department at the division office. 


A dynamic school map allows visitors to quickly access school information, websites, and directions. The Schools page on the central website also gives each school a place to show off its unique brand and a link to detailed information and recent news from the school (see below).