How To Receive Push Notifications

Follow these simple instructions on how to favourite, receive push notifications and share the status of your bus using your app:

In order to receive push notifications, you must favourite a bus - to do so, select the route you wish to favourite on the home page and then press “Favourite” on the right side. This is also where you have the option to share the status of your bus using multiple mediums such as: Facebook, Twitter, Text Message and Email.

Once you have favourited select buses, you receive push notifications when the status of your bus is updated. These notifications will give you the same details that the app would, without constantly checking it. When you open this notification it will take you directly to the app, and every bus that is delayed or cancelled will auto populate at the top for your convenience. 

We hope all of the school communities using Bus Status are enjoying it so far. It’ll be especially handy on those upcoming winter days! Let's just hope they don't arrive too soon.